Cape Town, Day One: Table Mountain, Boulders, Delaire Graff Estates, Wedgeview, Five Flies

Cape Town, Day One: Table Mountain, Boulders, Delaire Graff Estates, Wedgeview, Five Flies

On my 101 in 1001 list, visiting Africa was listed as one of my travel goals, as the continent has been one of those places I’ve thought of as wild, beautiful, and incredibly interesting. Mike had been before on a safari with his family to Kenya and Tanzania, but this was my first trip.

South Africa doesn’t require any shots, so we chose it for both convenience and the fact that it seemed to have so much to do. It is recommended to take malaria pills, so we have been taking one pill a week to prevent it.

Getting to Cape Town was as quick and painless as possible considering the number of flights required…we flew from Coruña to Madrid, Madrid to London and London to Cape Town. Our day started at 10 in the morning for our first flight, and ended at about 10 am the next day as we arrived in Cape Town. There was no time shift though, so we got a relatively fresh start as we headed straight from the airport to Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a National Park in South Africa, so I was excited to cross off yet another requirement off of my 101 list, to visit another National Park.

We had purchased our tickets online, skipped the queues, and went straight up to the top via a cable car with a rotating floor that ensures everyone in the car gets a 360˙ view.

It was absolutely gorgeous at the top.

We stopped in the little cafe/snack bar at the top as well and were very pleased to see that they offered delicious, healthy, and some organic options for snacking!! If only American parks were as classy.

We spent about an hour walking around the top of the mountain, taking in the views and taking plenty of photos.

Boulders Penguin Colony

45 minutes away from Table Mountain was Boulders, where we saw the Penguin Colony!

It was a fairly small little attraction, and since we hadn’t expected it to take so long to get there, we were in a bit of a rush. We spent about ten minutes with the penguins before we had to scurry off for our lunch reservations, which we were very late for.

Indochine/Delaire Graff Estates

Our lunch reservation was at Indochine Restaurant at Delaire Graff Estates, and even though we arrived late, they were gracious and allowed us the last lunch seating. As the first Asian restaurant we’d had in a very long time, we were very excited to get two different curries listed on their menu, as well as some noodles, spring rolls, and rice. We drank the estate wine, and enjoyed the beautiful view from our table.

After lunch, we walked around the estate and found it to be absolutely breathtaking. After looking up how expensive their lowest-priced room is, it wasn’t hard to figure out why this looked like a palace–for $700 a night, you should be treated like royalty!

Wedgeview Country House & Spa

We then headed to our bed and breakfast (yet another requirement crossed off the 101 list!), Wedgeview Country House & Spa. It was very exclusive, extremely personal, and meticulously maintained. We have nothing but praise for this wonderful B&B, they made our stay very comfortable and were comparable in price to most hotels we stay in when we travel.

Five Flies

A short while after checking in, we were off again to dinner at Five Flies in the city of Cape Town, as recommended to us by Terri at Try Anything Once.

It was funny because we had originally set our reservation at 8 o’clock, but when we saw we’d be too rushed for time to get there, we requested for them to push it back an hour to 9 o’clock. They were happy to oblige but told us we’d be the last seating, which is incredibly different from Spain!! Most restaurants near us don’t even open their doors until nine!

We arrived at the restaurant and had a nice meal. Mike got a kudu steak, which is a type of antelope in South Africa, and I got the Kingclip, which is a popular fish in the region. Where Five Flies truly shined though was with their service. Since we arrived so late, the evening was winding down and our waiter had some extra time to spend with us, so we got to pick his brain about South African wines while he poured us a few tastings. Particularly memorable was the South African grappa–perhaps not my cup of wine, but I could definitely appreciate it for what it was.

And so that concluded our first day in South Africa, which was jam-packed!! We felt a little rushed and harried, but each part of the day was so memorable, AND I got to cross three of my 101 off in one day! Not too shabby, right?

  • Oh, that beach!!  The waves!  I have a feeling it won’t be as fun swimming in it as I think, but one can dream, no?  I’m really hoping we end up in Africa someday (and by Africa, I mean east Africa, not the rest of it, because I’m a wimp).


  • Wow that sounds like a perfect first day. It’s SO SO beautiful there and I am so excited to hear about everything!! That food looks amazing too!


  • lauren05

    These pictures are amazing, especially the ones going up the cable car!


  • WOW! That was you FIRST day?! Good for you guys! You got a perfect day to go up to Table Mountain. While I was there, there would be days when you couldn’t even see it because the clouds were so thick and low. You must have brought some luck with you from Spain. I hope you enjoyed Five Flies. I had kudu while I was in Namibia, and southern Africa is a great place to get rare game. I’m nostalgic about Cape Town now. Sigh…. 🙂


  • Busy first day! It looks beautiful there!


  • Wow you guys are hard core! Getting off a plane and jumping right into things: impressive!

    Table Mountain looks lovely, but what I really covet is seeing the penguins! Aaah…wild penguins!! That is amazing. 

    The B&B looks beautiful: a lovely hotel can really make such a difference to your experience of a place.


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