Cape Town, Day Two: Ken Forrester, 96 Winery Road, Rust en Vrede Wine Tasting, Mama Africa

Cape Town, Day Two: Ken Forrester, 96 Winery Road, Rust en Vrede Wine Tasting, Mama Africa

Day two, we had some wine tastings scheduled. We started the day at Ken Forrester’s winery, which as I mentioned we had tried his wines in Philadelphia at Tria a few years ago.

It was quite a way to start the day at 11 o’clock! We saw Ken, but as he seemed to be tied up in a meeting of some sort, we didn’t want to disturb him so we just enjoyed the wine and the weather. Since fall is my favorite season, I was absolutely in love with the weather we experienced in South Africa!!

Right down the road from his winery is his restaurant, 96 Winery Road. It was fantastic. We each got a different wine flight to go with our meals which included four very generously poured glasses. I started out with a salmon appetizer that was divine, and Mike had a sweet potato soup. For my main, I had a duck pot pie with cherry sauce and Mike had a filet with hollandaise sauce. Dessert was a tasting of lemon treats, which was nice and refreshing.

From there, we went to Rust en Vrede and had a private tasting set up with their marketing manager, Warren. Warren was fantastic, he showed us around and kept the wine and conversation flowing for nearly three hours. From speaking with him, we got a much better idea about life in South Africa, and he seemed interested in American politics, so we had a lot to talk about! We truly enjoyed our time with him and we enjoyed the wine equally as much.

As we were leaving, the light was so beautiful that we just had to grab ahold of the moment.

We stopped back at Wedgeview briefly for some tea and about a 30 minute rest before we were out the door again to Cape Town to eat at Mama Africa, another recommendation of Terri’s at Try Anything Once.

Mama Africa had live music going and had a very touristy atmosphere that we probably wouldn’t have stopped into unless it had been recommended. But since it had such a wild and exotic menu, we found it to be a fun stop to have gone to. Since I wasn’t terribly hungry, we ordered an alligator kebab appetizer to share, and I got a traditional South African lentil and vegetable soup for dinner. The alligator was a bit like a fatty, chewy piece of chicken. I wasn’t a huge fan, but it was still fun. My lentil soup was nice though, and I was very happy I didn’t go for any other food as it was thick and filling. Mike ordered warthog, and we found it to be very tender and not quite as gamey as we had expected it to be. The band was fun and definitely made the evening’s atmosphere since they were so talented.

Would you ever try alligator or warthog? What’s the strangest game meat that you’ve ever tried?

The highlights of the day were definitely our lunch at 96 Winery and our time spent with Warren at Rust en Vrede. It was a more relaxed day than day one, but we were exhausted by the time we got back to our room.

I will have to go a bit out of order moving forward with the recaps, as the morning of day three needs a video accompaniment that I haven’t completed yet!

  • Mama Africa is totally touristy, but how many time can you say that you’ve even warthog? šŸ™‚ Wildest game meat? Zebra.


  • I’ve had alligator many times before, and I like it a lot – that’s probably the most “exotic” thing I’ve had, though. That winery looks beautiful!


  • I’ve tried alligator and think that’s fine; I’d eat it again. I’ve never heard of eating warthog though! What an adventure! šŸ™‚


  • wow the food all looks awesome! Ā I don’t think I’ve ever had anything considered game meat. I am actually not a huge meat person to begin with, so I guess that’s why šŸ™‚


  • South Africa looks beautiful, which surprises me (though I’m not sure why, I suppose I was picturing lots of violent, impoverished slums for some reason?).Ā 

    Sounds like a really fun day!


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