South African Safari: The Video

South African Safari: The Video

So you guys already saw the lion kill video from our time on safari, but that’s not all we saw! We saw some truly incredible, amazing animals and it’s still my favorite trip that we’ve taken. Everything was so unbelievable. We got so close to animals that I have only seen in zoos and it is a much different feeling when you know that the animals are wild and the car you’re sitting in is nothing but an inconvenient tissue for them to tear through.

Putting together a video for the safari was difficult because we took some amazing footage of all of these animals, but no one wants to go through and see hours and hours of our amateur footage when the National Geographic channel is showing much more amazing scenes.

So I made a short and sweet video set to the theme of Planet Earth (at Mike’s request). It captures a lot of the best moments we got on camera.

South African Safari from Mandy Weger on Vimeo.

Here is one of my favorite photos from our entire safari, when a lion cub was a bit skittish of our vehicle and climbed a tree in front of us. Moments after this shot, he fell out of the tree, but he was just fine!

I also got some amazing photos of leopards!

What always struck me the most about the lions and leopards were their eyes. Their eyes were always so incredibly gorgeous and I feel lucky that I was able to get so thrillingly close to these beauties.

Sometime soon I’ll edit some of my other favorites and do a gigantor safari post!

What do you think after seeing the safari video? Do you think an African Safari might be in your future?

  • I couldn’t watch the lion kill video, but this is way more my type of video (until the end).  So amazing!!


  • That is SO incredible! I would absolutely love to go on a safari!


  • lauren05

    You guys got some great footage of the animals!  I think it would such an amazing experience to see these animals in their natural habitat. 


  • Wow, amazing!!! I definitely hope to go on an African Safari someday: it’s one of my dream vacations. 

    Your videos and photos are so good. I am impressed.


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