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by Mandy Weger on December 15, 2012

Quote: What inspirational quote would you associate with this past year for you?

This year, a quote stuck out so strongly for me that I decided to put it on my resume.

In the middle of my resume, I prominently have a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “Without continual growth and progress such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”

I considered it to be a bit risky (hell, my entire resume is a bit risky) because I didn’t know if it would look preachy or cheesy. I decided to take the risk and put it on there because it has been a big inspiration to me in this last year. To me, the quote means that success is impossible or meaningless if you do not continually strive to learn and grow.

I do not expect the world to be convenient and accommodating, so I know that I have to learn and adapt throughout my life. If I embrace growth and change, only then can I be successful in an ever-changing world.

Throughout the year, I had to embrace change again and again. I had to get out of my comfort zone, I faced new people, new places, and new depths of loneliness. I pushed myself to try new things and to be even more grateful for everything I have. I put aside petty worries and excuses to “go, do” and I grew as a person. Every turn of the corner, I learned a new life-lesson and I learned something more about myself, Mike and the world around us. It gave me a hunger to never stop learning and to never be afraid of change because it can only bring more growth, happiness, confidence and success.

And so I put it on my resume as a tribute to that change in me this past year.

But I had an ulterior motive with this quote going on my resume that had nothing to do with me. I wanted my personal philosophy to grow, learn and change to also apply to the company I wanted to work for. A pretty tall order, huh? It felt idealistic and silly, but I did it anyway because I figured that I had a chance to make a change in my life, and I might as well shoot for the moon.

The quote, as well as the resume as a whole, served as a litmus test for potential companies that I was applying for. I wanted to be hired by a company that embraced all of the  technological tools we have at our disposal to learn, grow and achieve. I wanted to be hired by a company who wanted their employees to constantly seek to learn more and be creative as well as give them the opportunity and freedom to do it.

Again…a tall order and very idealistic. Perhaps even arrogant of me to assume the position of being choosy.

I’m glad that I put it on my resume. In my interview for my current position, this quote was particularly called out by my interviewer. She put a star next to it and said something along the lines of “yes, this is exactly what we’re looking for.”

That moment felt amazing. Sometimes doing something different and untraditional can backfire, leaving me disappointed and embarrassed. This was one of those moments where going the nontraditional and intensely personal route paid off.

So of course, after all of that, this quote means more to me than ever before. It will always be the quote that represented 2012, but it will also be the quote that got me this job. Thanks, Ben!

  • http://twitter.com/loverenovations Amanda

    I love this! Such an inspiration quote and I’m so glad it did good things for you with your job! 


  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie

    That is a beautiful cv, looks like some of the things on Pinterest people put on their walls!


  • Kate Marsh

    Just had to tell  you that this post and quote inspired me to revamp my resume and include my favorite quote as well (which happens to be about education, which is my field.) so, you rock and thank you!


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