#WEverb12: Thank

by Mandy Weger on December 17, 2012

Thank: Write that thank you note that you’ve been meaning to send this year.

Dear Maria,

Thank you for being my friend. When I first moved to Spain, I was lonely and sad to have left so much behind. I was having a very difficult time adjusting to my new surroundings and I was frustrated by being alone all day, every day until Mike came home from work.

When I met you, you were so kind to offer to take me out to the market and for coffees. The first few times that you invited me out, I felt like I could never repay you for the favor of letting me tag along while you ran errands. But then we became friends and we connected, we laughed and we confided in each other. I was so, so thankful to finally have another person in my life that I could trust and lean on when I needed to.

I will never forget the day that you came over when Zoe was hurt and I had no one to take us to the vet. I am so lucky to have had you close by and I am so lucky that you’re the kind of person who would pack her children in the car and take us all to the vet while I weeped in the car for my sick dog. You helped calm me down and you never made me feel like it was an inconvenience or that I was asking too much of you. While you never understood the connection and deep love that I have for my dogs, you respected it and treated them like they were my children too. I will be forever grateful to you for that day.

Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for all of the fun we had together. Thank you for being my one friend in Spain because you made all of the difference in the world to me. My experience in Spain would not have been the same and it would not have been as wonderful without you.

I am sad that we do not have as much time to talk as we used to. Life is busy for me now and it’s just different to have to type out our conversations than it was to gossip about whatever came to our heads at the moment. I miss our chats and our coffees together and wish that I could know that I would see you again in the near future. I think of your family often and hope that everyone is well.

You are a wonderful person, Maria and I hope that you get everything that you deserve in life. Your family is wonderful and beautiful. Your boys are smart and funny, just like you. I’m so glad that I met you and I am a better person for having you in my life.

Thank you & I love you,


  • Maria

    We miss you a lot. And as I said a lot of times, it was an easy job being your friend, because you are a lovely person too. Hope we can meet again any time in our lives, it would be great to remember all the good moments we had together. 
    Muchos besos desde España. Muacccccccccc!!!!!!!! Thank you for this letter, I appreciate it a lot. It made me laugh and almost cry (you know I am a sensitive person although I seem very tough). Again thank you for the letter. Besos o Bicos in Galician.


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