#WEverb12: Toss

by Mandy Weger on December 12, 2012

Toss: 2012 was the last time for _______.

I am not a particularly sentimental person. I don’t tend to keep knick knacks or objects that don’t have a use to me, and I don’t attach much emotion to many objects. So when the time comes to spring clean and rid our lives of clutter that piles up, I don’t have any issues with tossing what we do not use or need. In fact, it feels awesome to me to be able to throw things away.

A few weeks ago, our township held a recycling event where people could take old electronics and discard them. I was absolutely giddy. It was almost like Christmas for me to think about all of these people getting rid of old, unwanted shit. I LOVED it. Mike thought that I was a little insane, but I was just so…proud of all of these people for upgrading their lives by finally tossing out their old faux-wood paneled televisions and 20 pound computer towers.

And of course, we were unloading quite a bit of our own unwanted crap. It felt awesome to get rid of all of our items, so I continued my quest to clear the clutter in our house. I went on a clutter clearing spree and spent most of Thanksgiving weekend in our guest room and basement, the two areas of the house where we tend to stockpile most of the items we don’t use on a daily basis (or ever). I found old textbooks from Mike’s college days, pots, pans, plates, bowls, coats, and just about anything else you could imagine that piles up over years of accumulating stuff. We also had some old dog crates and beds, all in nice enough condition to donate.

I was in an awesome mood that weekend as I cleared our lives of so much weight. I even had to stop myself from going super minimalist and getting rid of things that may actually be used a few times a year. Mike, however, is not always so enthused about tossing possessions out like I am. It can be a battle sometimes to get him to see that the surround speaker system that my dad gave us 3.5 years ago that we aren’t using can probably be donated. My dad isn’t going to be upset or offended by us clearing out old stuff and he wouldn’t have given it to us if he had actually wanted it, so I feel safe letting it go.

Mike doesn’t quite feel the same and can freeze up on items like those, where their “value” is compounded by the fact that a) they were given to us by family b) they’re still perfectly fine speakers c) he could install them alongside our other surround sound speakers if he wanted to and if he just spent the time on it. So it takes more negotiation to get on the same page here (he won on the speakers and I’m giving them a little more time in the basement for him to do something with them. The next round of decluttering will not be so kind to them).

It’s a strange love for sure: loving to throw things away. Especially since I am not a particularly tidy person: clothes on the floor, I can’t stand putting away dishes, it takes shame and embarrassment or the threat of company to get me to sweep the floors, among other awesome and attractive qualities. But I do love a good tossing session.

Are you a sentimental person or a tosser like me? Do you and your partner differ on opinions of what should be kept vs what should be thrown away?


  • http://hemborgwife.wordpress.com/ Bailie

    I am not a tosser but with all of our moving I have had to become one to an extent and even now well past a year from big America to Europe move I still find myself looking for things we either still have stored in America or gave away! Many of the things we choose to bring though were wedding presents or things passed down in my family and I plan on having till I die!


  • http://www.allieseverydayadventures.blogspot.com/ Allie

    I love decluttering! I would be perfectly happy to get rid of a ton of stuff in our house (stuff we don’t use and won’t use, not just anything), but my MIL is in the “here’s XYZ because you might need it someday!” camp. And then he feels bad if we talk about getting rid of the item, and we end up keeping everything anyway.


  • http://strawberryblondelife.blogspot.com/ Jill

    I’d say that my default is sentimental packrat, but I have about one or two weekends a year of practical tossing and it always feels SO GOOD.


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