An Open Letter to My Husband on our Third Wedding Anniversary

An Open Letter to My Husband on our Third Wedding Anniversary

Dear Mike,

We didn’t get each other gifts this year, so I decided to write you a blog post. You have always been my biggest fan and advocate for my writing and unfortunately in the last year since I began my job, blogging fell to the wayside and probably no one wants to read it but you now.

Our lives have been and truly are amazing. We have had more adventures in three years than many people have in their lifetimes and I’m always ready for the next adventure with you.

Our wedding day wasn’t perfect, but by the end of the night, we were surrounded by people who love, support and continue to stand by us. We worked so hard on making that day beautiful, perfecting every detail and making every moment our own. Despite everything telling us we were going against tradition, we were ourselves and we know that being who we are makes us happiest, even if it feels like we’re always swimming upstream.

The first year of our marriage, we grappled with uncertainty while trying to apply and plan to move to Spain. It was frustrating, it was a lot of work, it felt like the process that would never end. I lost my job unexpectedly before we left and we settled in for what would be a year and a half of my not working and you supporting our family. I gardened, I cooked, I read and blogged. On the days when I felt like I wasn’t contributing enough to us, you listened and tried your best to make me feel better. You supported every crazy idea I had during that time, whether it was starting a “green lifestyle blog” (it didn’t get very far) or supporting my making of travel videos.

 Our second year of marriage, we were lucky enough to live in Spain. Living in Spain together for a year was a time we will never forget and an experience we’ll carry with us forever. It brought us closer together and we are stronger as a couple because of it. We explored everything. We ate everything. We learned to cook everything. We relied on each other day to day and in unfamiliar cities and countries. We had never been more on the same page with each other. Everything we did, we did together and for each other.

But we had to come home sometime, and for our third year of marriage, we’ve lived back in New Jersey. I began a new and exciting career which you have supported me every step of the way. You encourage me to work hard and to be the best I can be. We traveled to Turkey and Iceland this year, not to mention our trips to Bourbon Country in Kentucky, Montreal and this weekend, New York again. We’ve renovated our kitchen, and mostly, our lives are pretty perfect right now.

I know that it won’t always be this way, and we’ll always have challenges that face us, hard decisions and crises that we can’t control. We’ve been through so much already together that I know we’ll get through anything. Cliche, maybe, but I believe it 100%.

Mike, you are the strongest person I know. You always do the right thing. You are ambitious, a hard worker, a wonderful listener, an incredibly intelligent man. You think and plan for the long-term but are always flexible and open to change. You’re a perfect puppy parent and an indulging, understanding, caring, and positive partner. You always remind me to be optimistic, you challenge me to be a better person, you inspire me to go the extra mile whether it’s at the top of a volcano or glacier, or to go the extra mile for someone else. You expect me to succeed in all that I do and never lose faith in me even when I’m unsure of myself. You clean the house when I don’t want to (which is all of the time), you do the dishes and chop the vegetables and are truly the best partner I could ask for. I couldn’t love you more for all that you do and all that you are.

I love us. I love the way we work together, I love the way we understand each other, I love the way that we support each other. I am happier than I ever thought possible when I am with you.

I’m ready for a lifetime’s worth of adventures with you. Like we both said in our E-Harmony profiles, “My bags are packed and I’m ready to go.”

Love you.

  • Megan Collier

    Congrats on your anniversary! What an amazing article. Your letter to your husband totally resonated with me. I think I want to write one to mine! Thanks Mandy!


  • Sandie

    Happy Third Anniversary! What a great testament to your wonderful husband!


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