Our Next Trip: Ecuador, April 2014

Our Next Trip: Ecuador, April 2014

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll notice that I’ve started a board on Ecuador and if it isn’t obvious, it’s because we’re planning our next vacation there! We’re taking about 9 days to explore Ecuador. Ecuador is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world, which means that Mike and I get to experience what we love above almost all else – nature. (Food is one of the other things we value above all else too, it’s a tough call between the two ;))

First up, we’ll take three planes and a two hour canoe ride deep in the Amazon to Napo Wildlife Center.

Your Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest Experience (EntireVersion) from Napo Wildlife Center Ecolodge on Vimeo.

We’ll spend 5 days here, hiking and experiencing the wildlife. You can bet that I will get some great video of our experience here.

After our time in the rainforest, we’ll fly back out (after another 2 hour canoe ride of course) to Quito. In Quito, we’ll visit the Equator museum and Cotopaxi National Park.

cotopax volcano4(1)


After that, we’ll try to stop in Mindo, Baños and Cuenca.

We might try the “Swing at the Edge of the World” which looks terrifying but awesome:


Read More About It Here

We’ll go on a cocao tour in Guayaquil:



And overall, we’ll just have a beautiful, beautiful time.



ecuador-(Brian Vargish)-01


I’m looking forward to Ecuador for so many reasons. I get to travel to a new continent, it is a beautiful and diverse place, I get to experience wildlife in its natural habitat again, which we loved in South Africa, and it will be a new challenge for us as it is very different from our previous vacations. Hopefully our Spanish isn’t too rusty and we’ll be able to get by, though I’m sure that the Spanish in Ecuador sounds very different from the Gallego we heard in our corner of Spain.

There is quite a lot of prep work to do for this trip, including preparing physically for the high altitude, buying appropriate clothing for a rainforest hike, and we have to replace our video camera since our last one broke.

It feels like this trip is coming up quickly!

  • Amanda

    Have a great time! I studied abroad in Spain (Sevilla) and then Ecuador, and the Spanish in Ecuador is very approachable. If you have an extra half day in Quito, try to get to the house of Guyasamin, which holds a beautiful gallery and also some spectacular views of Quito on a clear or even relatively clear day. Of course, the market at Otavalo is incredible for both colorful photos and finding neat things. Finally, take a chance on some streetside empanadas at least once in your trip. !Buen viaje!


  • This looks like such an amazing trip. I’m sure you are going to have a blast. I can’t wait to see the photos!


  • Kristie W

    Looks like it will be an incredible trip! The swing at the edge of the World looks so scary (I am afraid of heights!)


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